Arulmigu Bhakthavatchala Perumal Temple - History

Temple History

When the milk ocean was churned, after the appearance of the Karpaga Tree and Kamadenu, Mother Mahalakshmi appeared finally. Enticed by the handsomeness of Perumal, She decided to have His hand in wedding, came to this place and began Her penance to realize the wish. Knowing Her mind, Lord Vishnu asked Vishwakseana to fix a Muhurt, the auspicious day for the wedding.

He then granted darshan to Mother. The wedding took place with all divine pomp and splendour in the presence of all Devas – Mupathu Mukkodi-90 crore in number. As Lord Perumal came out of the milk ocean for Mother Mahalakshmi, He is praised as Perum Pura Kadal – Kadal in Tamil means ocean. The place is also praised as Lakshmi Vanam as Mother performed penance here and as Krishna Mangala Kshetra as the divine wedding took place here

Greatness Of Temple

Besides being one of the celebrated 108 Divya Desas of Lord Vishnu, the temple also qualifies the six criterias of Vimana, Aaranya, Mandap, Theertha Kshetra importance, River, City importance to be called a Saptha Punya Kshetra or Sapthamrutha Kshetra.

All the Devas in the celestial world gathered here to witness and participate in the divine wedding of Lord Vishnu with Mother Mahalakshmi. They wished that this darshan should be available to them for ever. They took the form of honey-bees, built nests and stayed here to realize their wish.

Even today, a honey nest exists on the northern side of Mother’s shrine the antiquity of which is not known to anybody. This is a miracle in this Divya desa. It is believed that a one day stay in the place will bring total salvation to the soul. As Lord rushes to the rescue of His devotees so fast with the speed of Steam-Aavi in Tamil, He is praised as Bhakthar Aavi which later changed as Bhatharavi. Perumal’s Vimana is of Utpala design. It is also believed that the place is protected by Lord Shiva in all four directions in four forms. Though Vishwakseana appears with four hands in Vishnu temples, He appears with only two hands here as he came here to have the audience of Mother Mahalakshmi for Perumal on an occasion.

During Lord Vishnu’s Vamana Avatar, when He raised one of His legs up to the sky, Lord Brahmma worshipped the leg with abishek from the water of His Kamanadala bowl. A drop of this abishek water fell here, now praised as the sacred spring Darshana Pushkarini. When Chandra-Moon was wandering here for relief of a curse, he sighted this Pushkarini, his curse disappearing at once.

Lord did the abishek to Mother with this spring water and made Her His consort. Hence, Mother is called Abishekavalli.